Rose mall Project

Rose mall trading, administrator, Cultural, sport and service Project is under construction in district 22 of Tehran with more than 200,000 Square meters substructure in 24 and 25 floors, consisting of various usages such as administrative, trading, recreation and sport with a magnificent view to Persian Gulf Lake, Chitgar Jungle Park and Tehran Water Fall.

The usage of different floors is as follows:

    • Parking lot in the basement floor along with sport complex and swimming pool in -4th and -5th floors.
    • Five floors of trading, cultural, recreational, sports and multi- purposes hall and hyper market.
    • The trading center of two towers in 14th and 15th floors with administrator usage with unique view of Persian Gulf lake, the waterfall complex and Chitgar park.


Goals of the project

Establishing centers that could meet the entire routine needs of all family members including their trading, cultural, recreational, sports without being disturbed by traffic jam of metropolitan cities is an inseparable part of modern man's life in large cities such as Tehran.
With full certainty, we believe that district 22 of Tehran as a part of metropolitan City of Tehran is under development and expansion by benefiting from standard infrastructures such as highways , wide street and other infra-structural power ,water, gas ,sewer….installation is the best option. Our efforts in Rose mall are to respond to this increasing need and covering the largest shopping mall for meeting the demands of Iranian Families.
In another word, we provide you with the services available in a city in template of standard and luxurious complex.


Necessities and advantages of a developing the plan in project site:

  • increasing need of Tehran City to service, cultural, recreational and sports spaces.
  • predicting high anticipation and warm welcome of citizens of Tehran and entireTehran town.
  • fast and easy access via Tehran-Karaj highway , Azadegan Freeway ,Hemmat and Hakim Exp way as well as line 5th of metro Tehran.
  • predicting and providing maximum parking lot capacity (2860 cars) by careful observation of legal requirements such as the regulations in detailed plan of Tehran City, the requirements of the fire department and national regulations of building.
  • adjacency with ecotourism of Persian Gulf Lake, Chitgar Park , Tehran waterfall and recreation centers which are predicted in district 22.


Social, Economic and Cultural Goals

    • To meet routine and everyday economic needs of the residence in Tehran
    • Providing a large and expanded range of cargo,goods and family baskets in a complex with maximum quantity and quality concerns for receiving maximum satisfaction of customers.
    • Responding to recreational – cultural and sports needs of clients for retrieving physical and mental energy and promoting social freshness.
    • Establishment of new job and economic opportunities and promoting economic power of residence.
    • Expansion and improvement investment in range of plan.
    • In addition, the location and transfer of different units of the project will be managed in a way to meet maximum efficiency.

Nature of the project

The nature of the trading , administrative , sevice and cultural Rosemall Complex is the combination of shopping center –trading units-cinemas, concert hall food court,bowling,ice rink,billiard, children play grounds , swimming pool , sauna ,gym, meeting and entertainment halls, goods exchange halls, spaces, office units , medical …units.


Scale of project

As mentioned above, the project is trans-regional type and absorbing customer from all zones of city and every part of the country are among the goals of project.


Values and potentials of the project

    • The suitable area which is around 1.7 hectares.
    • Suitable access from different parts of Tehran owing to the land location close to Kharrazi, Azadegan, Hemmat and Hakim express ways.
    • Its location in district 22 of Tehran that with respect to the size of construction operations in this region, it is population will increase significantly in near future.


Project site

End of Hemmat Highway, after Azadegan freeway, Kharrazi express way, and north of Persian Gulf Lake close to Metro station.